Transfer Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation? 
You can easily make your reservation from “Transfer Planning” section in leftward within 3 minutes. If you wish, +90 (216) 688 54 00 is the number you can call us. Our call center is open to assist you. After you complete online reservation procedure, confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address that you state by Where necessary, our call center official can call you from the telephone number that you gave during reservation procedure.

How can I know when my reservation is confirmed? 
The confirmation of reservation will be sent to the e-mail address that you state maximum 10 minutes later by the system. Travelling information, vehicle, driver information is informed to you by SMS, e-mail or telephone 12 hours before your transfer.

Can I be transferred with a wheelchair? 
Yes. If you are travelling with a wheelchair, please inform us whether it is foldable or not during reservation.

What should I do if I cannot find transfer vehicle? 
You can call us or call vehicle captain or official sent to you.

How long will I wait at the airport or in the address that I will be taken? gives private service. At once, all the operation will have been planned so that your vehicle is in the place and time that you state

What should I do if I forgot my belongings? 

The belongings that you forgot in the vehicles will be sent payable to the address that you state by cargo

What do I need to know about baggage? 
Carrying gunnysack, chest, tin pots, liquid, inflammable, evil-smelling, explosive, radioactive, nuclear materials and guns is forbidden by laws.Extra baggage status should be informed during reservation. Baby carriage, bicycle or sports equipments such as golf or skiing should also be informed during reservation.

What should I do if there is flight cancellation or delay? 
In case of cancellation of a flight, please inform our call center so that your reservation isn't cancelled. In case of delay, transfer vehicle will not be compulsory for the delays exceeding 2 hours.

What are the rules of cancellation or change regarding reservation? 
You can cancel or change your reservation at the latest 12 hours before your transfer. Repayment cannot be made for the cancellations demanded 12 hours before.

Can I take my pet? 
Provided that the responsibility belongs to the passenger, they can be carried in their private cages. Don't forget to inform during reservation.

How can I receive my invoice? 
Your invoice will be sent to your invoice address by postal service or e-mail.

Is my transfer insured? 
Yes. Alan Transfer Taşımacılık Turizm Ltd. Şti. Touristic Transport Services has A1 and D1 certificates. All the vehicles have compulsory accident and seat insurance. Except for certificates of authority given to commercial vehicles by Ministry of Transport, “Tourism Transport Services” cannot be given.

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