About Us

Truva Group, which was established in 1995 by a professional team that has chosen the transportation part of tourism as its area of specialization in all regions of Turkey and has been serving for many years, has brought AlanTransfer.Com to life in 2011.

With its experienced employees, call center and large vehicle fleet, AlanTransfer.Com has been providing transfer services at Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum Airports for years. With the increasing number of airports and the intensification of people's demand to travel by air, AlanTransfer.Com has expanded its airport working network and has become to serve all over Turkey.

Airport Transfer and Transportation

It has carried out harmonious and meticulous works both with itself and with its business partners in important organizations of our country. By making agreements with many domestic and foreign corporate companies, it has safely made the airport transfers that its employees need for their business trips, providing time and economic benefits.

Continuing its investments and development over the years, AlanTransfer.Com has managed to include itself in the indispensable e-commerce track of the modern age with its innovative breakthroughs and ideas blended by its experienced staff. aimed at providing AlanTransfer.Com, which enables you to easily get the transportation service you need on the internet with the planning and purchasing steps, also offers its guests the privilege of traveling with insurance.

Airport Transfer and Transportation

Since September 2012, it has become the first and only Turkish company to include International Airport Transfer in its system, by offering transfer services at many important airports abroad to its guests.

AlanTransfer.Com, the first web service in its field that offers an online reservation, is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) as Kayak Travel Agency and has a Class A Business Certificate with the number 2744. It has the D2 Service Certificate (İST.U-NET.D2.34.3755) issued by the Ministry of Transport. All vehicles are tracked by the vehicle tracking system throughout the journey. Necessary directions in the regions where the traffic data flow is functioning and can be received can be made into the vehicle from the center in Istanbul.

Airport Transfer and Transportation

We have been sharing with you the excitement of the beginning of your unique travels and the joy of your return for 28 years. We are just one click away from all your airport transfers.