Alantransfer Business™

Focus only on your business with Alantransfer Business™.

We know that business travel is a process where time is raced to get maximum efficiency, but many details need to be taken care of during the journey. We know very well how important the time spent on the road is, and how important it is to return calls immediately during the flight, sometimes affecting the results.

You chose your vehicle, saw your name on the sign and sat in your seat. Everything is that easy.

Now you focus on your business, call your customer and say "I'm off, I'm coming right away" or ask your employee, "How many do they want?" start talking.

The most productive business trips start and end with Alantransfer Business™.

Advantages of Alantransfer Business™ Service

  • Opportunity to travel with specially designed vehicles suitable for your number of people.
  • Vehicle options which are suitable for every number of passengers.
  • Reception and escort to the vehicle.
  • Sharing of vehicle and captain contact information the night before.
  • Vehicle allocation service with driver on a daily or hourly basis.
  • Sending e-invoice to the e-mail address you specify.
  • You and your guests T.C. Makes a legal journey by registering in the UAB U-ETDS system.
  • Healthy journeys with the HES code application.

Özel Havaalanı Transfer ve Ulaşım Business - transfer iş ortağınız

With Alantransfer Business™, the operations of contracted companies are digitized and transfer costs are reduced by up to 30%.

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